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Zombie Addiction: A movie in the making Day One.

June 24, 2012

What a great day on set. That’s all I’ll say. Well no – I’ll say it particularly because it was a day that made up for other days that weren’t as great as this, and reminded me once again why it is that I am studying what I’m studying, and why I hope of doing what I am doing now for ever.


In this photo: Drew Dammron and Tami Martin. The cool cinematographer Heather Horn’s uncle, escaping the frame with the slate post-mark. By this time we were ahead of schedule thanks to the great work as A.D. by Israel (Iz) Gutierrez as well as Heather’s good planning.

I love the feeling after the first day, when some of the movie’s in the can, and you know it’s going to be decent. And this all happened largely thanks to the talent and drive of the producer, Steve Heller and his co-writer Jessica R. Goldberg.

I’m exhausted, sore, excited and looking forward to tomorrow (and hell, the rest of my life) like you won’t believe.

Oil is the world’s heroin

June 20, 2012

Ya, you knew that already. And I love my car as much as the next man, so I’m not pointing fingers here. The thing is, there are other ways to fuel your car, to get you that great coffee you need, and to keep your computer running.

As you can see, most of the oil is used for getting around. This mostly means moving goods around. In our import-export economy, transport of goods, people and information drives oil consumption. This would explain the black grime that coats my balcony in California, where the air is relatively clean by US standards. Image source:

I recently discovered an organisation called Fuel Freedom which focuses on alternative energy sources, rather than lifestyle changes. This is probably a smart move – Americans don’t want to stop using a plastic spoon every time they stir their coffee. Some fellow-students and I made a #psa video (that’s public service announcement) for their campaign. It’s kinda fun, and only 1 minute long. Take a look.


Personally? I think America should stop disposing of everything. What’s so hard about washing cups, Starbucks? Why must every motel guest throw away their plate, cup, spoon and water glass in the morning? It’s ridiculous, how personal “health” and convenience needs have created a sense of entitlement, to destroy the world while going on about freedom and the children and saving the animals. By which they mean the plague of poodles and other small, cute, useless dogs that pet stores have unleashed upon the planet. And don’t even get me started on smokers who toss their butts no matter where they are. I have ended relationships for less. You may as well piss on my bathroom floor… (but don’t) because one day I’ll be swimming in the sea and one of those things will float past me.

I haven’t forgotten Ken Saro-Wiwa, who Shell’s lawyers had murdered by the Nigerian Government for the crime of protecting his people from big oil. Big oil will kill. And it will keep killing, in Afganistan, in Iran (coming soon to a TV near you, now featuring Israel as America’s bitch) and in probably in Egypt.

All I wish is that I’d had a couple of extra days to work on the music for my film. It’s kinda rushed and the deadline was firm: The 18th.

Random post: [“Ask the Furher! I Can’t Tell You Anything Else!”]

June 12, 2012

Random picture, found searching the phrase in the title.

Source, a blog that has something to do with trying to stop a tram bipass being built… and Tescos – the UK food store.

And the source of this randomness? I’m unable to really form a thought right now. I feel things but I can’t say anything. It’s one of those moments in life where you were just going about your business and a whole bunch of men in orange suits jumped out from behind a bush, slapped you, insulted you, and vanished. Yeah, it happens, in extended metaphors at least.

So, I am deeply, deeply confused. So I thought I’d share that by constructing a random blog.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Pick a book you haven’t finished. In my case, “Leni Riefenstahl – A Memoir”

2. Flip to any page, eyes closed, put your finger on it. The line you hit is your blog title.

3. Input this phrase into google IMAGES. Choose an image on the frontpage of the site you land on. That’s your image.

4. Explain how you came by the book, and why.

A Memoir is a deeply disturbing book, by the way.  A long, long, long “It’s not my fault! You would have done the same thing!” in a tone that sounds like that of a kid who got caught being mean at a party. And the sad thing is, Leni’s probably right that most people would do the same…

I bought it at the Chapman University library book sale, for a dollar. Curiosity is worth a dollar to me.

And that’s me for tonight: Signifying nothing intentional, intentionally.

PS: If you random blog using this method, let me know on Twitter. I’m @jeanbarker.

Black in So-Cal, USA

June 8, 2012

I just went back to writing columns for News24, Africa’s biggest news website. While my rate of pay has dropped thanks to the ailing exchange rate, I’m glad to be back in the saddle after a much-needed break. I’ll now be writing twice a month. And here’s the lastest column: Black in So-Cal, USA – about the subtle but sure form of racism I encounter all the time here in Orange, California and surrounds.

South Africa’s apartheid history is well known. I feel sick at the thought of how little black, indian and colored kids must have felt seeing signs like this. Imagine not letting a child share the sea with your child?

But the USA, until very recently, had similar laws – google it. The friend I write about in the column remembers getting into trouble as a child while visiting his grandma in the South for using a drinking fountain that was whites-only. There may not have been a sign by then, but in the South, people knew their place… “Colored” has a very different, and offensive, meaning in the USA to what it does in South Africa of course.

Jou Ma Se Secrecy!

June 3, 2012

I’m missing home as I write this random post about a picture taken more than six months ago, at a protest against the ANC’s secrecy bill – a betrayal of everyone who supported and fought for freedom in South Africa. I found it via a facebook friend who has gone from a buddy at my workplace to an NGO mover and shaker. And who, best of all, seems to be happy!


Jou ma se secrecy is a reference to “jou ma se poes”, which I won’t translate unless you insist. Oh fine, it’s like, “jou ma se guava” but less polite. The bill is still news, and is being used in court, to stop people posting pictures of art that’s critical of the president. Stupid law.

“How to make someone…” how does google finish the sentence?

June 2, 2012

I’m actually deeply touched by most of the top options. Even “how to make someone gay” is probably just a result of some yearning for love.


However I have to admit I was most interested in “how to make someone shut up”.

The top result contains some of the worst advice I’ve ever read. Just shows, group therapy isn’t always the answer.