Black in So-Cal, USA

I just went back to writing columns for News24, Africa’s biggest news website. While my rate of pay has dropped thanks to the ailing exchange rate, I’m glad to be back in the saddle after a much-needed break. I’ll now be writing twice a month. And here’s the lastest column: Black in So-Cal, USA – about the subtle but sure form of racism I encounter all the time here in Orange, California and surrounds.

South Africa’s apartheid history is well known. I feel sick at the thought of how little black, indian and colored kids must have felt seeing signs like this. Imagine not letting a child share the sea with your child?

But the USA, until very recently, had similar laws – google it. The friend I write about in the column remembers getting into trouble as a child while visiting his grandma in the South for using a drinking fountain that was whites-only. There may not have been a sign by then, but in the South, people knew their place… “Colored” has a very different, and offensive, meaning in the USA to what it does in South Africa of course.

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