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The Romney Paradox

September 8, 2012

So, tell me. Is this picture real or not? You’d be forgiven for believing it was real, given that whole “Clint Eastwood Talks to a MOTHERFUCKING CHAIR” thing we had to deal with recently.

What people are tweeting it and facebooking it as: “Romney’s family misspell their last name in the greatest Freudian slip in history.”

It’s easy to believe. Ann’s speech was ludicrous – implying they struggled financially as a couple: “We moved into a BASEMENT APARTMENT”. OH, YOU POOR DEARS. I didn’t know they had luxury basement apartments. To put it another way: I bet you could afford a roof over your heads, right?

The picture of “Romney and his family spelling M O N E Y” is easy to believe because it represents what we know to be true about Romneys – they are rich and they care about rich people. Unfortunately it’s also a lie because, that is Romney in the photo but…
– that is not his wife and kids. They’re a family called the Fischers who love him.
– the letters were switched in photoshop by someone who clearly sees truth in his lie.

This is what I’ll call the ROMNEY PARADOX. See, pinocchio paradox

The truth is that if Romney weren’t a liar, this would have been his RNC appearance stunt. But since he’s a republican…

Extreme capitalists (by which I mean, people who inherited all their wealth and yet think poor people earned their poverty) are the Pinnocios of our society here in the USA. They have to persuade low income families that having nobody give a shit whether they live or die is… HA HA HA … good for them, and their kids.

I know this type. It’s not that different to what I call the “Chief” back in SA. The guy who exploits poor South Africans, but by flashing his wealth at them persuades them that by siding with him, they have some small chance of getting their hands on a little of what he has. It’s a lie.

It’s an effective lie, unfortunately.

Project? I can fix this!

September 8, 2012

This is the mistake I make every time. Buying into the possibilities of a thing, blind to what it always will be. I clicked on this advert on while looking to replace my impractical Mustang more suited to a life of lugging around C-Stands and home-made dollies.

I have a 2006 SUBARU WRX STI Turbo with 80000 miles. Car worth $22000 KBB i am selling for $5000. It has front damage. Feel free to call for any question 714-838-2513 or come to 700 W Collins ave, Orange Ca 92867 . Thanks Chris”

I sure fell for this one. Of course.

Boy I wanna drive your car. Story of my life.

I complain too much

September 7, 2012

Having been a journalist / columnist most of my working life, complaining has been necessary and also profitable. The problem is that it can become a habit. And it can become completely laughable to those around you. Here’s an example:

Taken by someone shooting a film at a church. The church has a real problem with cheerios. A big, yellow problem. OMG.

So I thought I’d list a few of the simple things I’m grateful for today:

  • The friends who invited me out for midnight drinks to celebrate my birthday.
  • The bouncer who insisted on carding me in case I wasn’t old enough to drink.
  • The film I wrote/directed in Busan, S. Korea, which is turning out awesomely.
  • The sound designers Kennedy and Michael, and Justin the colorist, who’ve helped turn post around on two other films.
  • My boyfriend, who took me out to Norms for a milkshake
  • All the friends in SA whose happy birthdays started my day when I got home this morning
  • The new fruit I tried two days ago and my first Cali earthquake two weeks back
  • Learning what “blue moon” means.
  • Seeing Klown yesterday. Funniest movie I’ve seen in years (despite being sexist, dodgy on asian issues… etc.)
  • Being healthy, full of shit and more loved than hated on the whole.
  • Discovering the many wonders of North America – an amazing place.

Of course, sometimes, complaining is the right thing to do. I believe that, and nobody will ever shut me up. Some things matter and need to be said, no matter how unpopular it makes me.

You’re sick of hearing about it? Imagine how sick we are of saying it. Yes I’m talking to you, Mitt. Ugh.

My latest News24 column is a weird one. It’s about what I’d vote for, if I could. Please forgive the lack of formatting. That stuff is kinda beyond my control once I submit it.