Zombie Addiction: A movie in the making Day One.

What a great day on set. That’s all I’ll say. Well no – I’ll say it particularly because it was a day that made up for other days that weren’t as great as this, and reminded me once again why it is that I am studying what I’m studying, and why I hope of doing what I am doing now for ever.


In this photo: Drew Dammron and Tami Martin. The cool cinematographer Heather Horn’s uncle, escaping the frame with the slate post-mark. By this time we were ahead of schedule thanks to the great work as A.D. by Israel (Iz) Gutierrez as well as Heather’s good planning.

I love the feeling after the first day, when some of the movie’s in the can, and you know it’s going to be decent. And this all happened largely thanks to the talent and drive of the producer, Steve Heller and his co-writer Jessica R. Goldberg.

I’m exhausted, sore, excited and looking forward to tomorrow (and hell, the rest of my life) like you won’t believe.


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