I’m Jean Barker… I’m a third generation South African and afropositive and no, that’s not a disease – more of a positive social virus that I hope will infect more of the world. I’m a writer who worked for 13 years as a journalist (most in entertainment and features writing), as an editor of SA’s top entertainment site, and a freelancer too. I’m now studying Screenwriting in California, risking it all for the dream. What else am I gonna do, right? I take photos off odd, interesting, funny or relevant signs I see wherever I am and blog about them. Send photos, if you have something, with a caption or the story behind it (please, no email forwards and no embedded pictures, and you must own them!) to godaellis@gmail.com with your blog address or website address. I’ll publish and link to you (if I like the picture).

The photos on this blog are mostly my own. I tend to take them with my cellphone – not cause I don’t know how to use my 60D, but because I’m not usually carrying it around when I see a sign or scene I like. Now and then someone sends me a photo or I ask to blog someone’s facebook picture, or I use something from a news site. All photos that aren’t mine are credited, and almost all used with permission. If you find anything you think isn’t, email me.

11 Responses to “About”

  1. The Burg Says:

    you may be my new hero Jean…so impressed that you’re doing what i keep telling myself i should be doing, but keep making excuses as to why im not doing it.

  2. Jean Barker Says:

    Once you start, it has its own momentum. OR perhaps I’m just very, very stubborn. Or perhaps it’s too soon to say that. But thanks, I think.

  3. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Meryl Says:

    Love your blog. 🙂

  5. jeanbarker Says:

    Thanks Meryl. I know there are times when it’s the only thing that keeps ME sane.

  6. 2010 in review « Jean Barker's Sign Language Says:

    […] About April 2010 5 comments 4 […]

  7. Christine Says:

    Hi Jean,
    Would you like to write documentary scripts on a freelance basis?
    Regards Christine

  8. Jean Barker (@JeanBarker) Says:

    I would, but am based in the US at the moment. I’ll be in SA in December / Jan though. Tell me more! Best, Jean

  9. Christine Says:

    That is not a problem. Things are made so easy with the internet. Perhaps you can send me a direct e-mail address and we can chat about the details.We will send you guide scripts with timings and you can jazz it up. Most of our programs are about wildlife and the environment. Regards Christine

  10. Natasha du Toit Says:

    Love your work, that’s all…

  11. Peter Says:

    Have you figured out how to use your moka pot yet ? (Aug2011). I just bought one from a yard sale also, but could find very little info online. Made in Italy.

    To extract the coffee you need to fill up to the safety valve with water, fill the hopper with ground coffee, place on hob and LIFT the top paddle upright. It will then act just like a moka pot. When your coffee is extracted, DROP the paddle horizontal to stop the pour and to build up steam. Then place a cup of milk under the wand and DEPRESS the paddle GENTLY to release the steam into the milk NB you may need to bleed off some excess water after coffee extraction and before the steaming. Takes a bit of practice, but it makes pretty good coffee – I use mine camping. Hope this helps 🙂

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