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Ebola Panic – it’s enough to make you vomit blood

October 22, 2014

I met an ex saffer the other day – a nice person. Anyhow, she was planning to take her family to visit South Africa this holiday, because “they think I lived in the jungle” but canceled her trip because why? Ebola.

No really? Ebola. You got it.

I tried to discuss it with her. Despite admitting it was irrational and crazy (she blames her husband, who’s American), the trip remains canceled. And every day I get asked the incredibly stupid question by at least one American: Aren’t you worried about your family? You’re from Africa, right? I was even put in the isolation room for an hour when I went to go get a prescription refilled at my local people people’s health clinic run by religious do-gooders. Maybe they were worried, or maybe they just didn’t have another room. All I can say is: Thank goodness I brought my kindle with me.

2014-10-21 10.38.22

So in the interests of educational development of the “greatest nation on earth” (sic – their words, not mine), here is a map showing the Ebola risk. I made it myself. It took me all morning.


People who’re worried about ebola in the USA might also want to read some of these articles. They’re interesting not just because it’s clear that there’s been not one case in SA, but also because they mention the efforts of Cuban doctors in combatting Ebola. If the American press, including NPR, were to be believed, only the USA is heroically doing anything about the outbreaks.

And the truth is that the USA is only really doing anything about the outbreaks since the USA was affected. It’s almost, I hate to say this, lucky for West Africa that the Texas case happened. It seems to have ahem motivated a ahem race to get a cure or a vaccine tested and distributed asap. Nobody seemed to care at all when only third world people on another continent were threatened with the awful disease. Within weeks, we’re already done testing on monkeys.

A footnote: Good hygene is the first step in preventing disease, and America needs to learn what does work, and what doesn’t. Here’s a tip. Bits of paper don’t work, and that includes Waxies. Clean, non-porus surfaces do work, and that excludes gross toilet seats made out of plastic and foam.

Waxies don't work. Germs get through about 10 layers of the stuff. And please, learn to flush.

Waxies don’t work. Germs get through about 10 layers of the stuff. And please, learn to flush.

2014-10-21 10.20.35

This toilet is an outbreak waiting to happen. There’s even a shit stain on it – and it’s really hard to hover over because it’s so wide and soft. Ugh. In the bathroom of the same clinic.