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Binders full of Binders full of Women!

October 19, 2012

Thank the lord of the WWW for this one. Binders Full of Women is the only light at the end of the political tunnel in a world where everyone, including some women, seems to be wearing blinders.

google top prompt binders

Google has spoken.

It’s depressing for me that Romney’s even still a contender. So I don’t know what I’d do without this meme, which has taken over so crazily that even Amazon Review boards for binders (as in physical binders) are clogged with political snark. Sales of binders are also up on Amazon, which can only mean that Republican men are buying them in the hope of filling them at some point.

Too good to be false.


Anyhow, I googled, I tumblrd, I went around looking and here are a few of my favorite Binders Full of Women graphs:

There are a lot of anti-mormen ones for Romney. I find most of them distasteful, mostly because I find all religions equally funny, and nobody can tell me Mormenism is more sexist than Islam or straight Christianity, so I don’t think it’s fair to pick on any one more than another, but this is genuinely funny because: Did you know? Utah tops the list of states for porn consumption?

Romney’s rap debut.

The pop psych take on it.

Oh, well, that”s all okay then?

Nerds for Obama!

So bad it’s funny.

Even worse so it’s even funnier.

Yes he does. And Nokia, probably.

You tell ’em Patrick.

And finally, a video tribute featuring a whole bunch.