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Government Shutdown – the lighter side

October 18, 2013

Now that it’s over and hardly anyone died, unless that salmonella outbreak gets worst, it’s time to look back and laugh at the last 16 days of US GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 7.24.15 PM

Why so serious? Well because real people are affected in life or death situations by the political game playing.

News of Syria and Egypt has almost completely disappeared from the air while the US tries to sort out it's own shit.

News of Syria and Egypt has almost completely disappeared from the air while the US tries to sort out it’s own shit.


Yes, it’s childish. It’s my GOP and I’ll cry if I want to.


This is funnier if you watch the awesome Netflix series.


This is also how many men in congress feel about their penises.



Somehow, this is my favorite. Actually taken before the shutdown.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 7.28.03 PM

We love Ron cause he’s funny. He’s funny cause he really exist. You’ll find men like Ron in warehouses full of Man-Caves all over America, restoring classic cars, consuming large mounds of meat, and farting while talking about boobs and sports. Makes me glad I’m not a stripper.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 7.29.03 PM

There’s something about the idea of government shutdown that is sorta fun. The problem is that I really like it when all the tedious things governments do get done. Yes, mom is nosey. But she’ll also do your laundry.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 7.33.05 PM

“Obama takes his congress to the iStore”. From – link below.

Watch the video here.

If congress got stuff done like roommates...

If congress got stuff done like roommates…

Read the whole thing. It’s fun. And we’ve all been there.


Binders full of Binders full of Women!

October 19, 2012

Thank the lord of the WWW for this one. Binders Full of Women is the only light at the end of the political tunnel in a world where everyone, including some women, seems to be wearing blinders.

google top prompt binders

Google has spoken.

It’s depressing for me that Romney’s even still a contender. So I don’t know what I’d do without this meme, which has taken over so crazily that even Amazon Review boards for binders (as in physical binders) are clogged with political snark. Sales of binders are also up on Amazon, which can only mean that Republican men are buying them in the hope of filling them at some point.

Too good to be false.


Anyhow, I googled, I tumblrd, I went around looking and here are a few of my favorite Binders Full of Women graphs:

There are a lot of anti-mormen ones for Romney. I find most of them distasteful, mostly because I find all religions equally funny, and nobody can tell me Mormenism is more sexist than Islam or straight Christianity, so I don’t think it’s fair to pick on any one more than another, but this is genuinely funny because: Did you know? Utah tops the list of states for porn consumption?

Romney’s rap debut.

The pop psych take on it.

Oh, well, that”s all okay then?

Nerds for Obama!

So bad it’s funny.

Even worse so it’s even funnier.

Yes he does. And Nokia, probably.

You tell ’em Patrick.

And finally, a video tribute featuring a whole bunch.

Cemeteries of the soul – behind garage doors

December 5, 2010

Garages are the attic of a man’s world. While the photos of you when you were a kid, the first drawing of a dysfunctional / smiling family in front of a house, the blonde doll you alternately loved and tortured and your dead puppy’s collar might end up in Mom’s attic, Dad has his own cemetery of the soul.

Garages have always fascinated me. I shot my first production exercise in one. It’s full of mistakes (I’ll never zoom again as long as I live, I swear). But I still love it.

Here, dreams and pride gather dust. Stuff that might belong to many people, dumped there for safekeeping and never collected. If you ask to borrow something from garage, the answer will almost always be “yes”, and quite often becomes: “As long as you never bring it back.” In South Africa, an organisation I wrote about called Men at the Side of the Road raised funds partly by clearing out people’s garages and re-purposing their junk.

And I’ve never been in a garage you couldn’t write a movie about. Happily for me, we were shooting Sarah’s 789 (that’s Dodge-speak for “five minute short”) in an actor’s garage last night, after mine turned out to have no electrical plug for the lights.

A shovel. A ladder. Some unidentifiable stuff. Mattresses? And wait... what is that?

Ronald Reagan signed photo

It's a signed photograph of Ronald Reagan. The president who called a 1988 strike on Iranian ships "Operation Praying Mantis". He was one creepy guy. And look who all's in the background!

And this cat. Loved enough to have its portrait taken and framed. But now the picture's on the floor behind a mattrass, gathering grime. Who was Kitty Cat?

Take 5, Shovel. Starring Dan McDonald, Daphne Karpel and Will Kasson.

Being American seems to involve owning copious amounts of American flags, which go all over the place. On matches. Above the creepy crawly spare pipe. On cupboards, cars, post boxes, doors... Above a box of golf clubs that don't seem to have made it out onto the green for a while.

I see dreaming people – part III

October 27, 2010

Patrick Bosworth’s video, in which I starred as both a girl crying and a hat with hands, is now live here… I can’t get it to embed properly. But here is the facebook link – take a look. It’s made on the camera I want to buy, which costs much less than it would in South Africa… or, as I see it, the same as the average social smoker spends on cigarettes in a year. Or 20 takeout meals.
You might need to be his friend to watch the video – try though

Many other great ones. But I’m just going to stick to the ones I can embed. So only YouTube… pity vimeo insists on failing to embed on wordpress, and facebook (which people use for privacy reasons, even though they’re signing over rights when they do) is hopeless too.

So that’s just one or two.

Wendy Tzeng’s dream sequence
Wendy was the first person I spoke to at a social event at Chapman – during Dodge College’s various Mixer events. Mixers are parties where you kind of speed date, but without the sex. Usually.

Bethany Burr’s dream sequence
A late addition – some classes did things in a different order. Easily one of the best though. Bethany isĀ  a screenwriter. She and her boyfriend work as a team, with him editing. Gorgeous photography too, by Oliver. District is a bar in Chapman. Popular with undergrads and people who sleep with them.

And previous installments in this series:
i see dreaming people II
i have a dream… you don’t wanna know

Secret agents in my bed – the making of the video

September 5, 2010

Not as sexy as it looks.

When you’re spending a small fortune going to film school in the USA, nothing anybody says reassures you that you’re worth it. Trust me… nothing. Until, at least, you manage to finish your first project, someone sees it, and they don’t throw you out right away. The first project we had to turn in wasn’t even for grades, but I took it seriously. Seriously enough to spend the entire weekend making giant bed bug puppets from the contents of my recycling bin.

recycling to extremes

I even gave the bugs a manicure. How nice am I?

The brief for the video project was something like: “Introduce yourself in a two minute video, in which you may not appear. Have fun!” I didn’t have a clue what to do, so I was extremely relieved when my attack by vicious bed bugs on arrival in California resulted in an idea for a video… an idea that probably required not just a budget for effects, but also the help of a few other people. You don’t think the electrical, the gaffer, the grip or the AD are important until you see the shadows, screw up the sound, or trip over the wire from the desk lamp you’re using as lighting and hit your head on the desk you’re using as a puppet theatre.

Me and Mary, in happier times. As you can see, I also failed to hire an on-set photographer.

I managed to make a pretty cool bug, which I then defaced a bit so it looked like it had been in the wars.

Mary is now ready for her closeup.

Then I set the camera up on the tripod, succeeded in putting both bugs on my hands without breaking them, and shot a few different angles, using re-usable ingredients. V8 Juice was for blood (it saved me a week of making salads), toilet spray could be crudely disguised as poison, and the light switches in some of the shots are real light switches! I wore a pillow over my head and a sheet wrapped around me to help me blend in with the wall behind me. There’s a lot of footage of me being an idiot, hitting my head, tripping over stuff, appearing in the shot by accident, as well as blank footage of the wall, plus a few usable shots of the puppets, some of which also showed their eyes. Yeeeha!

On set with Mary and Bill.

A 2nd year student saved me (via facebook) by offering to do the voice for the Agent from Atlanta. Thanks Ed Moore. I will name you in my Oscars speech.

After I was done, the table was covered in a milky liquid and my living room smelled like a giant gladiola flower had repeatedly masturbated (to its own immense satisfaction) all over my dining room table/desk/props table/studio.

Hi-tech stuff man...

And the result? Well, this is it.