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“Please be considerate and flash the toilet”

June 25, 2011

Kinda hard to avoid?

Of course, they really mean “please be considerate and FLUSH the toilet”… which is almost as hilarious. Surely you shouldn’t have to tell people? Mind you, most of America’s public toilets seem to be equipped with automatic flushers, and I can’t help wondering if there’s some sordid reason for that.

This proves that spell checkers are not all-powerful and should come with a WARNING: USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH BRAIN FOR BEST RESULTS.

Oh, okay then... If the toilet wants that, I guess...

Photo (note clever placement of flash spot) taken by my friend Jinty (read her blog, it’s crazy stuff – her phone just got tapped!) in Nelspruit, probably while going to the dentist, the doctor, or the supermarket in South Africa. People who live in Swaziland – and who can afford to leave – tend to cross the border to do stuff like that now and then. Well, to do that, and to make private phone calls.


Only in Switzerland… and Swaziland

July 13, 2010

Pick ‘n Pay Swaziland is running a competition to win… six cows! Apparently this also happens in Switzerland, where wealth is still somewhat measured in cows, and you can win them in competitions like this. Swaziland is a weird place for me – a landlocked kingdom, but, if you’re coming over the border from South Africa or Mozambique, a completely different world. I had a great time visiting one of my best friends, Jinty, who has joined the large foreign NGO community there after many years in Paris. Her husband is french, and works for an aids awareness org called PSI. She used to work for France24 (their CNN) and is looking to maybe freelance for radio (or TV) from there.

Spotted on the way out of the Pick 'n Pay parking lot, in Mbabane, where we saw a security guard nearly assault a woman for selling MTN airtime without a permit to sell there. Otherwise, a peaceful experience.