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Female Ejaculation: So easy according to the LA Weekly Backpages

May 13, 2013

I don’t think equality is the same as “being the same” – not when it comes to orgasms. I have had entire orgasms without touching myself. I have known men to get hard while feeling nothing. I think this means we are different and this weird diagram stuff just inspires idiot guys with dirty fingernails to think they can follow a set of Men’s Health instructions and make us cum. It’s just not true. It’s more interesting than that!


I wish they included a diagram of my brain.

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 3.13.25 AM

This is what the site you go to promises. Apparently some British guy knows it all. And he’s made over 300 women squirt. That’s a lot of laundry.


Two weird images of sexy African-ness

August 7, 2011

Let me NOT tell you about my day. For legal reasons. There’s something in the air at the moment, like I’m one of those fly-sticks for conflicted people. They spot me and come to die all over me. And then I have to go shower again. It’s not me… it’s them. Ha.

Instead of talking about my day, let’s tackle a strange image of two ways in which women can be made to seem far more exotic than we really are.

Of course, that’s not to deny that we women are both complicated and awful at times, or that people have weird racial fetishes (I won’t even call them tastes, since even gender can sometimes be overcome for love).

But this is some weird stuff. It’s presented as beauty – and the women are beautiful. But the gaze I sense from these photos makes me feel weird. It makes me wonder what is really being seen. Airbrushed island-girl poverty and airbrushed asses…

I'm guessing these are some of those "ironic coffee table" books. I have one called Naked Yoga. I suspect it was my Dad's. It was full of pictures of sepia blonde 70s girls doing yoga, naked.

Reminds me of another post. This one, about the Magazine Racks of the USA. A place of strange wonder, for sure.