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Blast from the past: Die, lady.

July 28, 2010

Every day, on my way to work, or out, or out again – Sea Point is like a village or an African New York, so you walk everywhere and everything you need day to day is within 100 metres – I see this sign on the ladies toilet.

I’ll miss the way this sign has helped me track my personal changes. Once, years ago when I first moved in to share a flat for two months with a lovely lady, it seemed to say “just die.” Now, it’s just funny, and part of my life at Shelbourne – a slightly run-down old-style Sea Point block in which one of the lifts is always “under maintenance” for a week or two, the parque floor tiles clatter as you tip-toe, and thank god, because all this keeps the rent down. It’s also the block in which the famous South African Afrikaans poet Ingrid Jonker lived (not sure which flat) when she walked into the sea and drowned herself; deliberately, or drunkenly by accident.

I have years of archived signs on my letterdash blog, so will be collecting them here.

Mandela Day Grafitti Sea Point Promenade

July 18, 2010

Today it feels like South Africa has so much to live for. And an American was writing on the Promenade sea walls in chalk. I’m going to miss this walk so much – the sound of the sea, the familiar accents of the my home country. It’s a place that healed me and gave me strength to grow through personal pain. Nelson Mandela fought oppression, healed South Africa and inspired the world. So it’s a perfect place to celebrate him.

sea point promenade on mandela day

A kid in an SA Soccer World Cup T-Shirt plays on the promenade sea wall, which someone decorated with chalk like a giant birthday card for Nelson Mandela.

happy birthday mandela

The little girl's name is Aneeqah. Happy birthday Tata translates as Happy Birthday Dad - or Madiba...

sea point promendade playground

Families come from all over Cape Town - and the world - on Sundays. I always love seeing the old Ossewa climbing thing still there. A piece of the past, being enjoyed by the South Africans of the future.

I wish more art was like this - Public, shared, built into an environment people already use. Walking the Road must be more photographed than the sunset by now, whic means many people get to keep a bit of it after it moves on to a new city in a year. More info,

Yes, er... education is important. But I feel we're losing focus here, class.