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Cameron Diaz – here’s what’s up, lady

June 11, 2011

Cameron Diaz pees in the shower. That’s what I heard, shortly before I left, in any case, on the radio – from an SABC station.

Seems since they got this news, the authorities in charge of amenities at South Africa’s national broadcaster have taken pre-emptive action, just in case she were to say, show up in the men’s bathroom after a surf at Sun City.

Thanks to the estimed author of for this photo.

Look out, sloppy chick. That kind of low class planet-saving hippy crap won’t be tolerated in OUR environment.

Reminds me of this amazing guy I saw in Ottery CT – a suburb that is only known for the MACRO, and looks like it was vomited out onto the flattened sand dunes – walking around in a T-Shirt that loudly proclaimed I’M IN MIAMI, BITCH. Sure you are, dude. Sure you are.