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Who is the elephant wo/man?

September 12, 2013

Santiago Canyon is sort of urban greening… A walkway and bike track along a dry, polluted river bed.

I don’t walk it for it’s natural beauty, I walk it because there are no stop signs or traffic lights. And sometimes for the graffiti – like this.


See the elephant. Middle, slightly to th eleft? Above it, the cars roar along the freeway. In the magic hour sun, it has a weird, messed up beauty.

Are you the artist? Every time I see a new elephant I wonder how I could meet you. Maybe I’ll paint my own…


Kids come here to smoke weed and other stuff. It the recent drought has dried up all the mucky water and it smells like rotting algae.

This is my favorite.


See the new one? One the storage unit. It’s Red, which is new. The others were all blue.

God. I miss Sea Point promenade.


I know this looks pretty in the picture but it’s not, not really. The water is rancid. Even the ducks seem to have left for greener pastures. The river was dammed years ago so it doesn’t flow anymore.