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Southern Crosses

December 25, 2011

Crosses like these dot South Africa’s roads with reminders of death, marking the spots where people perished in car accidents. You always see more of them just after Christmas/New year and Easter holidays – the big traveling (and drinking) holidays around here.

John and Gareth. Clearly loved. Traveling together? Hit each other head on? How long ago? What did they do? What made them laugh?

Always wanted to make a series of short documentaries about the people who died, told by their relatives – not the story of how they died; the story of the things they did when they lived. Somehow I think that would be sadder.

I’d like to show them as interstitial TV shorts over holiday periods, and on weekends, to encourage South Africans to lose some of their worst road safety habits.

1. Tailgating

2. Overtaking on blind rises / corners

3.  Stopping their cars and jumping out to attack each other with sports equipment.

The Southern Cross. Which I think you'll agree gives the title of my proposed doccie resonance. Image source here.

At this time of writing, the death toll is well over 800, which makes it infinitely safer to swim with sharks than to dice with BMWs.