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Government Shutdown – the lighter side

October 18, 2013

Now that it’s over and hardly anyone died, unless that salmonella outbreak gets worst, it’s time to look back and laugh at the last 16 days of US GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 7.24.15 PM

Why so serious? Well because real people are affected in life or death situations by the political game playing.

News of Syria and Egypt has almost completely disappeared from the air while the US tries to sort out it's own shit.

News of Syria and Egypt has almost completely disappeared from the air while the US tries to sort out it’s own shit.


Yes, it’s childish. It’s my GOP and I’ll cry if I want to.


This is funnier if you watch the awesome Netflix series.


This is also how many men in congress feel about their penises.



Somehow, this is my favorite. Actually taken before the shutdown.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 7.28.03 PM

We love Ron cause he’s funny. He’s funny cause he really exist. You’ll find men like Ron in warehouses full of Man-Caves all over America, restoring classic cars, consuming large mounds of meat, and farting while talking about boobs and sports. Makes me glad I’m not a stripper.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 7.29.03 PM

There’s something about the idea of government shutdown that is sorta fun. The problem is that I really like it when all the tedious things governments do get done. Yes, mom is nosey. But she’ll also do your laundry.

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“Obama takes his congress to the iStore”. From – link below.

Watch the video here.

If congress got stuff done like roommates...

If congress got stuff done like roommates…

Read the whole thing. It’s fun. And we’ve all been there.


America rises above the bombers

April 19, 2013

Just finished a column for that makes me realise how different the America I arrived in is to the one I left, thanks to Obama.

Miss you. I miss you like I miss measels.

Miss you. I miss you like I miss measles, acne, or broken bones, you spineless brat.

What happened in Boston is terrible. The way America has responded, however, gives me hope for humanity. It’s like America has grown up. That’s what my column is about.

America: Bigger than Bombs

I at first assumed the bomb attacks in Boston would play straight into the hands of the Islamaphobes who’d love to just “kill ’em all”. But it seems like Americans – in general – are rising above it.

“Al Qaeda is a real threat. But terrorism has no religion.” Well put, by Al-Marayati, a member of the Faith-Based Advisory Committee of the president’s Homeland Security Advisory Council. Of course, the people who really need to hear his words won’t be listening to them. Events like the Boston bombings play straight into the filthy hands of those who are longing for an excuse to attack or oppress muslims in the name of fighting terrorism. As news of the bombings came through, muslim Americans were not only mourning the loss of lives, but simultaneously praying: “Please, don’t let it be a Muslim.”

It hasn’t been posted yet, but when it has, you can read it here

Seconds – not kidding – after my column went live, news came through on twitter about a gun battle with two very similar sounding suspects in Watertown, Mass. Some responses from twitter…

NidalM Abdullah Mohiuddin: My reaction to hearing the names of the #watertown suspects:”
Terrible but true.

Terrible but true Relief for many here. Makes sense given the complete lack of responsibility taken. Al Qaida generally likes to boast. UPDATE: Turns out it was the work of two stupid kids who happen to be Muslim but weren’t organized. Of course, this makes the prejudiced types really gleeful.

Could be fake. I could fake this easily. But if it's real it's freaky.

Could be fake. I could fake this easily. But if it’s real it’s freaky.

Dutchguy000 Kristian Tuinzing  – “Bullet hole in my wall from Watertown shootout. My head was there minutes before. #watertown”

Kasra Shokravi’s pictures of beautiful Tehran

March 4, 2013

People here in the USA just see Iran as this Bogeyman. Remember, when you argue that Israel is right to want to initiate war, that this is what you are bombing. A place with real people in it. With beautiful people in it. It’s not right to say “it’s worth it” as if the value of 10 people killed could be weighed against the value of a theoretical 200 saved.  I have never been so recently sickened as I was when someone I thought of as a friend argued that the USA, in the greater scheme of things, saved lives by nuking Japan. Highly unlikely that this is true.


A G-Cleff – a musical symbol I sometimes still draw kinda squonk. Music, somewhat universal if you allow for the misunderstanding of quarter tones, has always driven cultural revolutions. Alienate the kids who drew this by killing their famalies, and it’ll drive them against you too.


Kasra says this writing says: “Kamiar” and “Maziar”. They’re names. Probably a couple of neighborhood kids.

Screen shot 2013-03-03 at 11.18.24 PM

I want to go there. Don’t mind covering my head. Just don’t want to have to duck and cover.

I’m not a fan of any kind of fundamentalism, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or Atheist or anythingist. I don’t believe in stoning a Woman to death because the Bible, Q’oran or Bahagava’d G’ita says to do it. I would never kill people. NEVER. This is because, unlike most people, I’m not some kind of selective psychopath who believes war is necessary, and that killing is noble because of some theoretical life saved.

I’m no fan of Iran’s policies towards women, or even the rest of the world. I don’t think Iranian people will change their minds about your political opinions because you bomb them though.

That’s not how it works.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to change the world.

October 22, 2011

In a way it’s a very exciting time to be in America. I don’t know if there’s ever been a not exciting time to be in America. In that way, it’s much like my homeland.

What's amazing about Occupy Wall Street is not the numbers, it's how sustained it is. I'm sad Howard Zinn isn't here to see this.

And then there’s OCCUPY SESAME STREET!

Oddly, I think this viral from is likely to be at least as effective as any other site in spreading the Occupy Wall Street message: You have too many cookies. Fucking share brat-bitches.