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Please don’t read this sign!

August 9, 2011

Is it possible to be heard without consequence – without misinterpretation? Is it even worth hoping for? I reckon the instant an idea goes from thoughts to spoken the meaning you meant to convey is imperfectly transmitted and you’re pre-disastered.

After a gloomy wake up, then a good start, followed by a nasty surprise, I kept a vow of silence most of today. I wandered around, seeing how much I could get done without actually opening my mouth. I didn’t want things to go wrong between me saying ” and the look in the other person’s eye before my first word left my lips.

On a lawn in orange

It was going pretty well, with smiles and nods and pointing, until my car’s battery died AGAIN and I had to ask Mall Security at The Block for a jump start. They were really helpful, and saved me $45 in tow fees by calling someone who had the cables.

While things have been going really badly lately, random strangers have been kind to me and the people I’m with. If there were a God, she’s playing a damn fine game with me at the moment – feeding me just enough hope to keep me trying, but slam dunking me when I least expect it. I often think of God as a giant tabby cat, playing with us, her living toys.

What does it all mean? I don’t know. My instincts are not communicating with me.