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Two old men reading LA Weekly

August 17, 2011

So it’s the new world. The new day. The era of the death of print. And I sat in an old building, at a bank built in 18something.

Around me people type typety typed. Except for an old lady reading a novel with telescopic glasses, and two old men, both reading the LA Weekly. Will this even happen 10 years from now? Will I see old people holding paper in their hands?

New Tech, Old Tech. Wait, that's a PC, so let's make that Old Tech, Old Tech. I love the expression on his face. Pained and frustrated? They say you get the face you deserve, and the poor bastard lives in the USA.

The world before the web. So close, and yet so far.

He’s reading. That’s how he can read. I couldn’t stop wondering what the story was behind his Tin-Tin and Snowy braces.