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A quick summary of four US papers’ reactions to Obama’s Gay News: A picture with 1000 words or more

May 11, 2012

The most moving reaction to this news was what I heard from Andrew Sullivan, who said that he thought it would be no big deal, but that hearing his president acknowledge his humanity as equal in this way in this speech moved him to tears. The same day, Fox called it a “war on marriage. And next day, today, snail-mail media had their go at it.


NYT: Triumphant but dignified. Wall Street J: Announces, but in subheader anticipates how conservatives will use it against him. Does not anticipate simultaneous release of info that Romney was a bully at school, though. OC Register: Doesn’t bother writing decent headline, so why should we give a crap? USA Today: Openly reactionary stance plus banners of morons protesting.

Obama is… oh who cares?

August 22, 2010

I wrote this while watching CNN, who on the day explored this theme: 20% of Americans think Obama is muslim. Which has forced the White House to release a statement to say that he is christian who “prays every day” and receives a “daily devotional” to guide him as a leader.

So I’m sitting there thinking, who GIVES a fuck? How is it relevant to his job? It’s so disgusting that he has to stand and say that to keep his job. It’s directly related to the big hubbub over his support for the building of a mosque at ground zero. Don’t people here understand the concept of reconciliation yet? Mandela could definitely teach them a thing or two about that.

43% dont’ know what their president’s religion is. About 36% think he’s Christian. More people think he is Muslim now than used to a year go. CNN blamed the (more) conservative media, and made the point that this is very negative for kids to hear – no matter what their religion – to think that being Muslim is not acceptable. They don’t even discuss the option of being atheist. Their news coverage is the storytelling equivalent of a dog chasing its own tale, which may or may not be wagging it. The same thing gets said over and over and over again.

I’m watching this broadcast in a Muslim car audio / alarm installation place. It continues to amaze me how diverse America is, and then how uniform the political and economic establishment seems by contrast. Osama was born a Muslim. But if you’re prepared to believe the equally ridiculous myth of Christianity, you’re allowed to swap, right? That’s supposed to be the whole point of being reborn. You can’t be born into Christianity.

house in orange at night

The flag and the cross guard the doorways of many of the houses in the quiet streets of Old Town Orange, CA. Which is fine, unless they bar entry to some.

Perhaps this clueless conservatism is a result of the fact that, although the US health care system is meant to be crap, Americans are still living way longer than people in most of the world. The dominance of adverts on TV aimed at very old people – ads for supplemental medical aid plans, joint lubrication, heart attack preventions pills, pills to soften or harden your poo, ant-acid and catheters – is noticeable. These products dominate slots that in South Africa would be Nando’s, budget cars, banks looking for new clients and other signs of a young economy. The money is in keeping the nearly dead alive for longer and longer. I’m beginning to suspect that the masses of old people who on the whole tend to resist change and fear it, are voting in a more and more conservative leadership.

As they say on The Wire: “Follow the money.” You’ll find out more than you want to know about the world that way. The money’s in Christianity and old-school values here, and that means a very self-serving “jesus” gets way too much airtime.

*I’m not singling America out. You should have seen how freaked out Swaziland was to discover that their KFC was now finally halaal. To my Muslim readers, have a good holy fast – although I struggle to imagine both believing in a deity and avoiding food during daylight hours, it’s all good, and means… more food for me! To my non-muslim readers, I hope you enjoyed lunch. I had a very cool vegetarian hamburger at Natural Foods in Santa Barbara. Will blog about the hippies I took pictures of there, next.