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Killer online election viral’s from USA 2012

November 2, 2012

I just wrote an article for News24 about the funny viral videos out there. Here I’ve embedded them for your viewing pleasure! If you know any that make fun of Obama and are funny please post the link in the comments. I looked and couldn’t find any… Do Republicans just not make funny videos?

Kid crying because she’s so sick of “Bronco” and Mitt fighting. Hilarious.

Kids react to election coverage on TV. Some really astute comments. Also nobody knows what the electoral college is. Which is good because if they did, they’d start crying.

Mitt Romney Style

Homer Simpson Votes!

My first time – the Lena Dunham version.

My first time – the original Russian version for Putin’s campaign.

The only funny anti-Obama video I could find. Thanks, NRA.