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When will I ever be the right kind of crazy?

March 22, 2011

I’ve spent my life assuming I was normal and being told I was everything but. And since I accepted this situation I’ve been trying to figure out what I really want. My attempts to photograph the waning “biggest moon in 100 years” (or something) seemed to oddly mirror my ongoing struggle to find some balance in my life, or alternatively, figure out just exactly what I’m feeling. Or decide if balance is really the way to go. Cause see-saws and rollercoasters really do have their charm.

Do I want this…

Moon's there, with the little warm window of safety, and a cloud to put it all in perspective or...

…or do I want this?

... a close up. All the craters. All the mystery. All the craziness.

In the end, the loneliest choice is always the safer option. But then I’ve never been big on safe. And look where that got me – I have my very. own… blog.