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Thanksgiving: A truce, with turkeys

November 22, 2012

It feels to me like the world has stabilized just in time for America’s best holiday – thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, not being religious, is more unifying than most and easier for me to like. Also it involves food and I love, love, love food.

Just in time for tomorrow, we get a last-minute truce between Israel (final kill score, 144, 77 civilians including 36 kids) and Palestine (final kill score, 5 civilians). But South Africa’s winelands seem to have settled down as well, with government intervention in the form of more enlightened labor legislation saving the day.

Not everybody is equally lucky. I know that I’m more lucky than most. I’m grateful for what I have.

If you’re thinking of celebrating like me, by killing living things and eating them, here’s a cautionary song about turkey fryers from William Shatner.

Here’s another cautionary tale about Fried Turkey.

Cause today I even went out and bought my first Thanksgiving Turkey. And fresh cranberries. Which taste like those “chinese (are they?) cherries” that you find in hedges all over SA, only much less edible.

And I took a day to be grateful after a couple of shitty weeks when international, local and personal events seemed to be colluding to depress me.

Bought myself this crazily blurbed Korean film at Salvation Army, just for fun.