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A very funny restaurant naming #fail

December 15, 2010

Ah, finals week. The more stressed I get, the more vulnerable I am to sillyiness. I find myself surfing sites like Texts from Last Night and People of Wallmart. I click on every youtube link a facebook friend posts. I reply to discussions that I should really stay out of, exposing my ignorance of American culture. What’s next – enjoying Christmas music? Let’s hope I don’t lose it that completely…

Anyhow, this perfectly suited my mood. Posted by @orangecountygal, someone I follow on twitter, but have never met. Add her if you haven’t already.

What were they thinking? It's in Garden Grove. One of the hilarious results of non-english speakers trying to sound American, I'm guessing. Or someone with the same kind of sense of humour that led to a South African book chain being named CUM Bookstores. Christian Something, Something. But I can never remember! And neither could you.