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I can tell you what I definitely DO NOT want

March 23, 2011

I know I tend to use this blog as online therapy of sorts. It’s a lot like therapy, really, except the therapist leads you even less than a real therapist. There’s not even a “so, how does that make you feel”. Just silence, as billions of internet users choose not to read you, and the few hundred that do maintain a discreet silence. Thank God.

What a good therapist (or friend) often asks you is a very simple question, in a way: What do you want? It’s a question I often ask myself, with varying results.

Sometimes I want a pizza. Sometimes I want true love. Sometimes I want to cycle down the middle of the main road shooting at the street signs with a sawn-off, semi-automatic weapon. It just depends.

But this is what I know I don’t want:

Attention kids - it's vom-time!