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America is and isn’t what it seems… from “black men” to “libyaration politics” in da crazy hood of North of D’America

March 6, 2011

I am judgmental. Very. Now, you aren’t allowed to hate me for that*, because I at least have the honesty to admit to it. Also you’ll know what I think about what you think really fast, so you’ll never have to sit around wondering (as if you would, anyhow.)

Find me ONE headline in this rack that doesn't contain a judgement and I'll do that thing you like.

Everybody is judgmental. I grew up and accepted that a while ago. Most people just prefer to say “that’s just my opinion.” Which is bullshit. Because you don’t think so, and they don’t think so, and they don’t vote so, and one day you could easily (if you happen to live in a country that enough people just have “an opinion” about) wind up dead thanks to their sense of “just”ice.. Viva Libyaration now? And the rest is… bloodshed.

You're more entitled to your gun than to the average opinion, when faced with someone who's entitled to a gun.

Are Americans really this weird? The "Favourites" rack at Barnes & Noble better be lying.

Asking people to love you unconditionally is both solipsistic and ludicrous. Even your parents can’t be expected to do that. Unconditional love is suicide. And you’re almost certainly not worth it. I think the idea that a lot of overly entitled pseudo-liberal westerners (of any location) grow up with is the idea that you’re “entitled to your opinion” (in my world, that shouldn’t guarantee you a platform on which to spout shit) and that you “deserve to be loved” (I’ve met a lot of people who deserve, at the most, to be “not mercy-killed”).

A big deal here right how - something I realize marks me as a wannabe American. I care that the government is breaking a CONTRACT WITH WORKERS in Wisconsin. So do these mags. In America, there's a magazine for everyone - even people with brains.

And then there’s sex, of course.

Ya... What is this?

I mean... seriously. No nudity. Just large, caucasian booty? WTF? America...

Did you notice how I started out saying “this is how it is” in America and by the end wound up just utterly confused? Well, yeah. That’s how it is, hunnybunny.

* I am judgmental. Very. Now, you aren’t allowed to hate me for that – you are absolutely entitled to judge me for being judgemental, kay?