Perrier and Diesel redefine #LAME

Scary is: the perversion of great ideas. Taking something noble and using it as a veneer for greed or cruelty turns my stomach. So I want to throw up frequently – when communism is used to oppress, when faith is used to justify murder, when war is sold as heroism.

And don’t worry if you’re not creative. Diesel will sell you a lie you can buy.


You didn’t write any stories, but you bought the T-Shirt, so you’re cool. Another similar shirt says “Creativity is my weapon”. Actually, if you shop for T-Shirts at Diesel, I’d say money is your weapon, 1-percenter.


It makes for a pretty bottle. I probably bought it for the label without thinking.

It makes for a pretty bottle. I probably bought it for the label without thinking.

2013-11-10 12.07.32

Perrier “inspired” Andy Warhol. No… you idiots. No… you didn’t. You amused him, at most.

And really, does nobody see through this? Warhol was commenting on pop culture, on commercialism. And here it is, exploiting him. Yuck.

‘Wherever you go, whatever you do, your intelligence will be unwelcome.’ – Albert Camus

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2 Responses to “Perrier and Diesel redefine #LAME”

  1. Vagina Dentata Says:

    Funny you should mention Camus. Just last summer, Northern Hemisphere summer, I slept with a guy just because he correctly pronounced ‘Goethe’ and ‘Camus’. Otherwise, I would not have bothered. And in retrospect, I shouldn’t have – what a twerp.

    How do you know Perrier didn’t inspire Mr. Warhol? How can you be so certain? Did you meet Mr. Warhol and specifically discuss this? I think not.
    Mr. Warhol himself, though purporting to satirise commercialism, benefited quite well form commercialism. I remember getting an evil stare from Naomi Klein at a book-signing for her tome, “No Logo” – a cultural manifesto for the critics of unfettered capitalism worldwide, when I suggested that “No Logo” was indeed a logo and how she liked her new multi-million-dollar home she and her husband just purchased.

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