American Airlines supports war

Being pro-war (usually phrased as ‘behind our troops’) seems profitable – tire companies, airlines, ice cream companies … They all think it’s good for their image or their business.


This isn’t something I’ve noticed outside of America. Yet it’s absolutely the norm here to encourage kids to be heroes for the cause of “freedom”.

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2 Responses to “American Airlines supports war”

  1. Vagina Dentata Says:

    Sometimes, albeit quite rare, “Supporting The Troops” does not equate to, “Supporting The War”.
    Some folks support the troops by demanding of their governments to bring the troops home – safe!
    Personally, in times of conflict, I support the war. After all, the war is ‘warring’ precisely to maintain my status as a citizen in the elite and dominant culture. How long do you suppose a ‘democratically’ elected government in the West would stand if it let the privileged status of its constituency – the folks who elected it – diminish by not ‘insisting’, militarily, on its ‘need’ to rape the Third World to maintain its elite status?
    Not long I reckon. Wars are fought to keep the rich, rich and the poor, poor. As I am a member of the ‘rich’, I would not have it any other way. To benefit from ‘cradle to grave’ from riches of the West and at the same time decry the methods used to create and maintain these riches, is quite simply, hypocrisy.
    The troops are paid to be just that, troops. I do not support the troops any more than I would support Firemen or Dentists or Copywriters. They are all paid to do a job.

    Now after that level of cynicism, I might suggest that “Supporting The Troops” is a wise marketing ploy, but I won’t.

  2. Pete Says:

    I really do not know what you are trying to achieve by living in the States, because it is clearly not happiness.

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