Don’t tell me this doesn’t look the way it is…

Are the recent UK Visa Laws a teeny bit racisty? I hate to say it – but is there any other way to see it?

I’m angry that I have to work so much harder now, as a South African citizen and holder of only a South African passport, to go to the UK or anywhere in Europe. I want to meet my niece and nephew. I want to go to the film festival in Paris where my short is screening. But I can’t risk booking the ticket. The visa process could take as long as 60 days!

So I started looking into when South Africa became country non grata, and wound up writing a column about it for News24 this week (will link when it’s live). Here are the bare bones of what I discovered when I researched this issue.

South Africa is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Commonwealth nations lie all over the map.

Commonwealth nations lie all over the map.

But all nations in the commonwealth are not equal in the eyes of the Brits. If you’re from Canada, Australia or New Zealand you’re welcome in the UK without an invitation. Just show up and you’re in. If you’re from South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland… Let’s see… Jamaica… India… you are required to spend a small fortune and up to 60 days applying for a visa before they’ll be kind enough to let you come to their damp island and spend your hard earned inferior currency. At one point, South Africa was on the English guest list. This was when we still had apartheid.

Have a look and see who's not welcome. Then think a bit about why.

Have a look and see who’s not welcome. Then think a bit about why. If you’re from the USA – not even a commonwealth member – you get a free pass too.

Here it is put another way… for the slow people.


And I think this probably means I won’t be getting a visa anytime soon!

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2 Responses to “Don’t tell me this doesn’t look the way it is…”

  1. . Says:

    Requirements for a visa depend on reciprocity and of course the amount of people from a country who have committed visa fraud (i.e.) stating intent was tourism but overstaying and working. In essence you are suffering the bureaucracy because of the past actions of your compatriots…the fees help pay for the deportations of illegals…

  2. Vagina Dentata Says:

    Be thankful you weren’t born in Myanmar and carrying the passport of your adopted country – Colombia. Until I slept with enough people to earn my UN Laissez-Passer, I didn’t get into any countries without enduring a full body-cavity search – for Coca, presumably – and incessant queries as to whether I had ever met the sainted Suu Kyi.

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