What do old people know about love?

Shooting in 11 days: my thesis film “One More Day”, starring Adair Jameson as Chloe (80) and John Heard as her long-lost crush, Tom (80), who she meets in a Euthanasia Preparedness Center in 2064, two weeks before she’s scheduled to die. It’s going to be awesome.

Part of my research involved hanging out and volunteering at the Orange Senior Center. I also made a few videos there. Here are a few of the seniors who will be extras or play small roles in the film, telling their own true love stories.

One Response to “What do old people know about love?”

  1. Vagina Dentata Says:

    The Tutor once had a reasonably well-paying job as a Palliative Care Worker at one of the nations better Health Care Warehouses. You know, easing people into the light? He was fired, however, when he tried to re-negotiate with management his remuneration package from one on a salary basis to one of purely commission.
    He thought that to be so unfair.

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