The greater your high horse, the worse the fall

I care a lot about right and wrong. This means I’m willing and highly likely to wade in and point out when others make mistakes.

This is not just annoying, but also, sometimes, I’ve found myself doing more wrong than the person whose foolish ways I set out to correct.

For instance, I recently learned AGAIN, if you’re angry with someone over something they said, tell them to their face – don’t post it on facebook. And if you do do something that stupid, be prepared to fix the problems you caused, yourself, for a while to come.

For some reason, this correction to a sign in Little Tokyo area of LA seemed a perfect illustration to me of my own foibles.

A quick stop at an indoor mall in LA to use the internet and fill up on caffeine en route to a location scout with my cine. I spotted this small mistake, and a correction.

Woops. Preposition fail. But we know what they mean, right? Don’t take our trollies out of here, okay?

I can’t even tell if it’s Korean, Chinese or Japanese and I doubt the person who whipped out a magic marker to correct the error in the English version can either.


Grammar #correctionfail. So fun.

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