America rises above the bombers

Just finished a column for that makes me realise how different the America I arrived in is to the one I left, thanks to Obama.

Miss you. I miss you like I miss measels.

Miss you. I miss you like I miss measles, acne, or broken bones, you spineless brat.

What happened in Boston is terrible. The way America has responded, however, gives me hope for humanity. It’s like America has grown up. That’s what my column is about.

America: Bigger than Bombs

I at first assumed the bomb attacks in Boston would play straight into the hands of the Islamaphobes who’d love to just “kill ’em all”. But it seems like Americans – in general – are rising above it.

“Al Qaeda is a real threat. But terrorism has no religion.” Well put, by Al-Marayati, a member of the Faith-Based Advisory Committee of the president’s Homeland Security Advisory Council. Of course, the people who really need to hear his words won’t be listening to them. Events like the Boston bombings play straight into the filthy hands of those who are longing for an excuse to attack or oppress muslims in the name of fighting terrorism. As news of the bombings came through, muslim Americans were not only mourning the loss of lives, but simultaneously praying: “Please, don’t let it be a Muslim.”

It hasn’t been posted yet, but when it has, you can read it here

Seconds – not kidding – after my column went live, news came through on twitter about a gun battle with two very similar sounding suspects in Watertown, Mass. Some responses from twitter…

NidalM Abdullah Mohiuddin: My reaction to hearing the names of the #watertown suspects:”
Terrible but true.

Terrible but true Relief for many here. Makes sense given the complete lack of responsibility taken. Al Qaida generally likes to boast. UPDATE: Turns out it was the work of two stupid kids who happen to be Muslim but weren’t organized. Of course, this makes the prejudiced types really gleeful.

Could be fake. I could fake this easily. But if it's real it's freaky.

Could be fake. I could fake this easily. But if it’s real it’s freaky.

Dutchguy000 Kristian Tuinzing  – “Bullet hole in my wall from Watertown shootout. My head was there minutes before. #watertown”

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One Response to “America rises above the bombers”

  1. Andre Says:

    Strange times. I feel sorry for those killed & harmed.

    There is a saying: “The pen is mightier than the sword”, and when an attack such as this occurs I always feel that it is so foolish.

    I was on leave and only read the papers a day or two later and the first thought that struck me was: How does this attack play into the hands of anti american rebel groups? They aren’t exactly winning and furthering hatred against them will only harm them more, and get peoples vote behind their extermination more… Not exactly smart tactics for a dead Osama Bin Laden.

    This struck me more as a bomb by american government, against its own citizens, to keep them dumb and duped with fear, in order to better steal oil in the name of Jesus’s unconditional love and western honesty.

    When people are afraid they stop thinking and if you serve them your thinking while their thinking stops, you get to fool them into following you for longer or blindly.

    It seems a lot as if this bomb is meant to support our Nobel Peace Prize president into streaming more support for WAR WAR WAR. Perhaps next time we should know to vote for the dude who wins the Nobel prize for Evil and Murder… it might be a better deal.

    Having said that I have read your article on News24 and it left with me such an impression.

    The American propaganda engine is such a powerful thing, and I misunderstand how the American people have become so clueless… but i’m not going to talk about that.

    Instead I want to talk about the bombings of the thought of bombing South Africans. What western People don’t understand about South Africa, is that mostly all the people have lived in harmony and to each others mutual benefit. We did not go and exterminate the natives as did the americans and Austalians etc. The lines of communication is mostly open, and mostly all people had some education in afrikaans or English, so they are able to communicate with each other. There’s also been much hardship among the Afrikaners and that created a considerate mindset. The old “Boere Tannies” always had some magazines or clothes to pass along and so the wheels kept on turning one way or another.

    Guns fired after deals were broken, but the primary conduct, at least between Afrikaners and the natives was trade. When trade became unstable or people went back on their word, the blood flowed, but generally things occurred by agreement and by choice. The bad in that was the terrible diffences in advances between the cultures.

    Back then, being African, wasn’t a terribly good deal. Being African meant that Uncle Leo could nibble you on the next trip to the bathroom, and any drought or shortage of food lead to bad bargaining, and so a people with a more advance science could always bargain themselves into a strong position. The result was an alround bad deal for the natives, but who’s fault is that?

    It was only when the Afrikaners struck gold that British-American Media turned against the Afrikaners, and started killing them off in wars and concentration camps, while chanting human rights and oppression for the sake of the natives who were, in fact mostly uplifted(Afrikaners were nicer than Uncle Leo). They were uplifted in Afrikaans and it was a terribly slow venture. The genius of this alone is hated by all but at the very least all natives understand what we say to other Afrikaners, and in meetings, so there is never a feeling of deceit, treachery or secrets. We’re an open nation. We’re openly hated, but by the living!

    The minority was just that, a minority. Being a minority in Africa means that you have to very careful what your next step is. We definately looked after ourselves first… but of all the colonisers accross the globe… I reckon we didn’t foul it up to badly.

    Western Media spews disaster everytime ET falls off his horse, or Juju sings “bring me my licensed machine gun”, but other than that Africa is still Africa.

    I think Africa should look into this wind energy thing. I’ve designed a turbine that can run off the municiple water pressure and generate enough electricity for lights in a house. French engineers in conjunction with TATA india were developing air pressured cars, and with our atlantic ocean being so frisky we can generate billions of tonnes of pressured air by applying high-school physics. Finally a use for that shyte.

    For warm water we still need to braai… The inhumanity…

    This garlic Steers sauce is amazing, so we’re not entirely disappointed with the western influence.

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