An American classic in Indio, CA

I’m in a motel. My dream motel. It’s all ground floor. It has a sign that makes you wonder if you’ll catch something.  As we drove up I wondered why the Yelp reviews were so good. Maybe it had gone downhill? I was already pre-booked and worried that the two actors I was putting up would think I’d cut corners on their accommodation.

But appearances aren’t everything, and the actors knew this before I did. This place’s tatty exterior hides an oasis of small town romance. The reception is truly 24 hour,  it’s a lovely family business, friendly and personal, with cricketing trophies belonging to the Indian owner and coffee made fresh at 4am if you need it. The rooms are amazing for the price: firm beds, clean, new showers, space and quality furniture.

Would you stay here? I always wonder what goes on, and what the stories are behind, the cars parked in lots of places with signs like this one. It’s neither in a city, not is it at the center of it. And the letters seem to have given up and fallen over. But don’t judge yet…

A classic straight off the a Tarantino movie set.

But take a look inside. And wow! Staying here and an amazing meal at Macario’s Bar and Grill has reminded me how I love to travel and made me want to get in my car and go explore more of America.

My actors and I are staying the night to prep for an early start on the final shoot day for “Indio, CA” tomorrow.

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