Project? I can fix this!

This is the mistake I make every time. Buying into the possibilities of a thing, blind to what it always will be. I clicked on this advert on while looking to replace my impractical Mustang more suited to a life of lugging around C-Stands and home-made dollies.

I have a 2006 SUBARU WRX STI Turbo with 80000 miles. Car worth $22000 KBB i am selling for $5000. It has front damage. Feel free to call for any question 714-838-2513 or come to 700 W Collins ave, Orange Ca 92867 . Thanks Chris”

I sure fell for this one. Of course.

Boy I wanna drive your car. Story of my life.

2 Responses to “Project? I can fix this!”

  1. Andre Says:

    Here’s how you deal with car dealers… Just scroll down to episode 2. Its really just about one roll on the mouse-wheel down.
    Should be a nice chuckle.

    But yeah. I see what you mean… The damn car is white instead of Yellow… and its wrecked 🙂

  2. Andre Says:

    or was that orange…

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