Rebel nuns in the USA defy the Vatican! Awesome!

The news these days is silly to ridiculous. Romney’s choice of Ryan as his running mate implies confidence in right wing conservatism that worries me. After all, Obama’s not left wing, merely democratic centrist. I take refuge in NPR stories from Snapjudgement or This American Life that through their specificity say so much more about the world than the day to day news ever could. Hell, I nearly went out and bought a novel, but I won’t have the time to read it, so I stopped myself.

So I needed something that gave me faith that the war of brain vs. knee-jerk would still be fought by somebody. And then by this action was reminded that this war is fought all the time, quietly. Catholic nuns all over the world know that condoms will save certain societies, and that breeding more Catholics is not the way to save the religion.  Their practical compassion in the face of the Church’s male dominated stupidity is of course, underappreciated by the dudes in dresses.

So I found the picture here: Seems a few men agree on this. Taken in Philadelphia.

Today, they made me happy, these brave girls, who apply the teachings of Jesus H Christ, whether the other boys like it or not. Of course the vatican is calling it “Radical Feminism’. Someone remind me why that’s a bad thing for the world?! Come on, boys. Time to grow up and check out which century you live in – or move to a country like Iran or Afganistan, where they don’t dig uppity chicks much either.

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