Fuel Freedom – Oil Addiction is killing America

My selection of the best videos from the Fuel Freedom campaign competition. Fuel Freedom is an organization that advocates the use of flex fuels (alternatives to regular gas) to break the oil monopoly. More info at Fuelfreedom.org.

The short one with the cute girl in it

This is mine. We made it in a weekend to get it done by the original deadline of 18 June. Pretty proud of what we managed to do in that time. It focuses on the per-person consumption of oil (directly or indirectly, though transport and excluding frying oil).

The one with the cute dogs in it

This is actually the solo work of the guy who shot mine (see above). He’s one of the best Cinematographers at the school.

The arty one with the drugs in it

One of the most talented directors at Chapman, Rochan Redelinghuys, made this one.

The others I thought worked, worked, but were mostly the standard info-graphic driven fare – informative, sure, but more powerpoint presentations than films. I have an aversion to those history channel doccies with the drawings and the old guys talking about stuff. One exception was a video shot in various locations worldwide, but I’m not sure the maker has the rights the footage he used… it’s grey area for me. Sure, being on film is great. Then again, Americans can sue but Africans and Indians and anyone with brown skin is fair game in cameraland it seems. Still, a good ad.

Anyhow, back to the point: While I acknowledge that continuing to heat up the planet in new and cheaper ways isn’t the solution to our problem globally, and wasting less and buying local will also have a positive effect, I still feel that breaking the dependency on oil will have good consequences politically, and open up the energy market to more competition, which will give the oil people less political control and allow America and other big consumers to make better political decisions. Also, other sources are just cleaner than oil is.

So if you liked my video, share it please, and help me win this. I need the money to fund my next short film and pay my crew for this one!

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