F*$king with facebook’s head

I don’t know if you’ve noticed how knee-jerk responsive farcebook is every post you make. It’s insane, and stupid. Currently has me pegged as a gay dog lover since I changed my profile to say I was interested in “men and women”. Because I am. Not necessarily for sex in either case, since I do have a boyfriend.

I’m house sitting for someone who has two very needy golden retrievers – or, “men with tails” as she puts it. I posted one or two things about the dogs and voila! Facebook responded with this:

The first dog must have drowned by now. Then there's kitschy home decor art - which along with cheesy lettered signs featuring positive messages to help you in day to day life is huge in the USA - followed by an advert for a kennel that looks like a mental asylum. Chocolates? Because lonely lesbian dog owners need those, or because these particular ones looks a bit like turds. And then an advert for a doggy boutique where you can have your poodle dyed pink, in case she's not already sexy enough for those lonely winter nights.

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