Chancellor Goldstein, your students are being beaten downstairs

A friend of mine (it’s a long story, but she is) stood holding this sign, at CUNY (City University New York) while a meeting went on.

This is what she had to say: “Just attended the full three and half awful hours of the CUNY Board of Trustees hearing. It was extraordinary to see Chancellor Goldstein sit there and (aside from occasional whispered consultations with his staff, and one brief exit) do absolutely nothing, while the students of his university were being beaten in the same building. He made no comment or statement, let alone did he decry what was happening. I sat in the front row of the meeting holding this sign for about an hour and a half–and I clearly saw him take off his glasses to read it. He offered no response at all.

“I was also speaking to a fellow grad student, who was actually signed up to speak at the hearing–but she and others had been prevented from entering by the police. She only made it into the hearing because she happened to spot the PSC President, Barbara Bowen, who got her in.

One of the other women who eventually spoke had a bruised face from where she said she’d been hit by the police when she arrived.”

Video here if you’re interested.

Anyhow, the whole thing made me realise how timid I am in a way, being a student, with a visa I have to be careful I don’t lose. I’m scared if I say too much they’ll deny me, or send me home. And so I’ve been amused, and pleased, but what I’ve seen happening. But I’m not exactly taking to the streets, like I would in my own country, where they would have to kill me to deny me my right to be there.

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