Support our troops

I’d like to get all your stupid, destructive, violent gods in a room and sit them down, and bring them all a glass of water… and blow the place to smithereens. Oops. I’m human, it seems.

I am surrounded by people who are afraid… afraid to question whether it’s okay to say “Support our troops.” The thing is, stealth bombs, targeted weapons bombs… nothing really works except people on the ground. Hearts and minds and … severed limbs. America knows that. So those who need wars to keep happening have a strategy. That’s to make it sound like if you’re one of the troops, people will love you. And we all want to be loved. And also make it clear that if you don’t support the troops, you hate the troops, or want them to die. And nobody will love you.

In case you doubted for a second that war was profitable... Dunkin Donuts, and Baskin Robbins ice cream are here to fill you in and fill you up. How many tubs will it take to help you get over your latest tour in Afganistan, Captain America?

I don’t want them to die. I want the people who keep sending them out to die to stop doing that. All over the world. Although I cannot vote in America, my heart already breaks whenever I see some 19-year old for whom the nearest thing to sex is the table shower he had this morning waiting for an airplane, the blank stare knowledge of his own and others’ terrible deeds in his eye. That’s what war really is. It’s not a fucking ice cream advert. And yes, even though I wouldn’t know, I know THAT much.

Interestingly, this was image of kids at an interactive exhibit at Minneapolis St. Paul History Centre was number 666 on my cell phone camera.

I’m not saying Africa, or South Africa is any different. I’m just speaking from where I am right now. I’ve always been anti-violence, to the extent that I alienated my fellow-ANC members when I was involved with my anti armed struggle stuff.

"Greatest Generation". Don't you mean "Deadest Generation"? Taliban: You get some virgins - and finally get to get laid. US Army: You get to be a famous hero, like a film star! Make fun of each other all you want. You're all the fucking same.

I’m not making fun of the genuine intentions of some soldiers. Or of small good things they did. But I do believe many would have gone to war because of hate, or just because they were told they would be loved for it. The problem with war is that once it starts, everyone is doing evil. I don’t have a solution. But if anyone’s gods existed, I would love to get them all in a room, and blow it to pieces.

Oops. You see? I’m human, after all.


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