Where’s the f&%*^&$ coffee!?

So I love to travel, but the first morning is always tough. You need coffee. You have to have the coffee. But you have not had the coffee. So it’s really hard to locate the coffee when you’re pre-coffee. You wander the strange house / digs / hotel / city… crying inside.

THERE! THERE! THERE! No. It's rice.

I gave up and went back to bed. Luckily someone else (my host’s dad) woke up at 9am and took the coffee out of the freezer (the freezer! why didn’t I think of that? Probably because I had not coffee!!) and when I smelt it I woke up and remember to throw on clothes before running out there, tongue lolling, ready for the day.

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One Response to “Where’s the f&%*^&$ coffee!?”

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