Lost dog vs lost dog vs lost Jean Barker

I opened an old wound recently. Idiotically. Just bumped it against life and there it was, bleeding out all over again… that’s too romantic, really. It’s more like a cyst that had to be drained. Nothing even a hot vampire would want to suck on.

Now… I got love, and milk, and a roof over my head, and four walls made of genuine California mould-board imported from China. So I have no right to complain. But old hurts of the heart came back to haunt me. Tried everything that usually works. Running. Swimming. Sex. Talking. Hugs. Even, half-heartedly, drinking. But nothing made it go away for very long.

And then I came back to something someone once said to me (I may have been paying them to listen to me whine at the time): Sometimes you just have to feel what you feel until you’re done.

So I got on my bike to go print out some work, no longer caring if I was happy or not, and boom: there on a lamp post was an idea for a short film.

Awesome. Thank you, Life.

It’s called “Tale of Two Puppies”, and it’s about two kids from different neighborhoods that are just across the street from each other who meet when they compete over a lamp post with their very different LOST PUPPY posters.

Gonna be a winner. Anyone have a kid for me? I may want to make this in South Africa as an independent study over SA summer / US Winter Vac.

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