Targeted advertising

Target puts a target on the eye of a dog that’s a dead ringer for my childhood puppy’s killer… strange…

Feeling a little blue today. Thinking about a dog I loved. She was my bulldog puppy. My brother and I named her Bronwyn Daphne Puppy Chew-Chew and we were crazy about her even though she ate our shoes and bit us when we played with her. Don’t think we even had her long enough to house train her or take photos (this was pre-digital) before she vanished – to remain forever frozen in a state of puppy perfection in my mind.

She looked a bit like this.

Ya, one day, she escaped and she ran into the street and with a name like Bronwyn Daffy Puppy Chew-Chew… what chance did she stand? The neighbor’s evil dog ripped her throat out. My mother and my brother and I sat on the bed and cried and cried and cried. Sometimes afterwards we still cried about it, just my brother and I. The three of us picked my dad up at the airport from a work trip that night, and he didn’t really seem to get why we were so cut up. The way it seemed, he was just sad to be home, having expected something happier.

I thought of this again when I saw this photo. Cause for weeks after, all I wanted to do was kill the dog that killed her.  It lived next door. My mom talked me out of it. Weird thing is it looked exactly like this dog that I saw in a Target store today, on a gift card, with a target drawn over its creepy pink shark-eye.

Kinda a strange design for a country that's as crazy about animals as Americans are.

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