Omens and dead ladies and other toilet humor

Frequent sign-picture supplier Alex Griffin sent me this.

It reminded me of this one, posted ages ago and then reposted, taken at my previous apartment – in South Africa. Amazing what a difference a few letters make. It reminded me of how my dad used to try to stop me spelling “people” “poepel”, which is a miss-spelled but phonetically promising miss-spelling of the Afrikaans word for Asshole. Kinda works, in a way. If Malema takes over, his slogan could be “The poepall shall govern”.

Here's the old one... this toilet NEVER worked. It's existence dated back to the days when my apartment block was a seaside self-catering hotel. In a way, it still was. Almost everyone who lived there was moving on soon or from somewhere weird. Even if the view is awesome, people with a sense of permanence usually demand plumbing.


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