Monsters in your blood?

I went to the doctor today. Multiple doctors in fact – a good doctor in South Africa is half the price of a bad doctor in the US, without medical aid, and they don’t make you wait two hours for an appointment in a noisy waiting room. And plus, there’s fun stuff to photograph.

Afrikaans for "specimens" - "monsters". No idea how that happened. But it's pretty funny when you're looking at a vial of someone's blood, about to make its journey to the pathologist for analysis


4 Responses to “Monsters in your blood?”

  1. Shannon Says:

    SO TRUE. I sprained an ankle here and went in to get it checked and silently girded myself for the $2000 the x-ray would surely cost me, only to find out it was like $100. I wanted them to x-ray my whole body, you know, just in case. I’m brainstorming medical procedures I could possibly have done before I leave.

    I’ve always had an excellent quality of care in the US and good insurance so I wasn’t the one paying for the $2000 x-ray, but not everyone (and I could easily be part of “not everyone” in the future) is so lucky.

  2. Shannon Says:

    I think I remember hearing that there’s a shortage of general practitioners in the US, even though those are the doctors most of us need most often. I wonder if that accounts for the long waits. My experience bears that out–I’ve never had to wait to see a specialist but getting in to see my GP is murder.

    • jeanbarker Says:

      I’d love to fit in coffee or drinks. Sorry for the late reply. Facebook me soon?

      • Shannon Says:

        So sorry! I impulsively left for Turkey on June 7 and just saw this now. Seems you are back in the US–maybe we will manage a meetup on one side of the Atlantic or the other eventually. Hope your time at home was wonderful.

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