Para-statals: the same wherever you go

Getting the usual fallout (stupidity) and a bit of sparse praise on my most recent News24 column. I really think I wrote positive stuff this time. But News24 readers don’t want to hear it, and managed to pick out the one or two things I was critical of.

Taken at Amtrak rail station in Anaheim, California, USA - where the trains NEVER run on time. Seriously. Which is fine by me.

It never ceases to amaze me how some South Africans just love dissing their own country and react with fury when you make fun of America at all. It’s sad. They have this idea that American streets are paved with gold. But America is just a place on earth, not heaven, or hell, but somewhere in between.

ps: thanks for the photo, Alex Griffin.

4 Responses to “Para-statals: the same wherever you go”

  1. clint Says:

    Hi Jean, thanks for bothering to write something on News24, pity about the responses… generally quite sad… but please don’t stop, at least your stories are not doom and gloom!

  2. Luntu Says:

    Hi Jean, you should learn to not take the News24 readers seriously, it doesn’t matter what you write, people always find a way to turn your article into what they want even if it means politicizing it. so relax, there are ppl that understood your article.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Good article in news 24 and I know I would want sa meat any day before that usa processed meat!! But every place has its good points and one has to live if they can where they are most comfortable. Its just the way it is!!

  4. Gareth Says:

    Hi Jean – thanks for the insight into California. I’m SA born living in Denmark for a couple of years and we’re planning on moving out there as well. Hope you keep posting up comparisons and articles. 🙂

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