WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE! And go to heaven. Or hell.

What happens if the Christians are wrong? God only knows.

It happens every now and then… a group of crazy Christians decide to proclaim the end of the world. Judgement day. And then it never seems to come. Unless! And Here’s my Freaky Thought of the Week. It ALREADY HAS. Or is about to on the 21st, which is coincidentally also graduation day at Chapman. A day on which people who’ve been having an awesome time being at college begin to discover that real life sucks and that all that stuff they whined about while at college was like, totally awesome fun.

How would we know? What if it has happened, and we’re just locked in an alternate universe. Life as limbo. I don’t know. But I’m good with that as long as I get to stay in California for another few years and finish my MFA.

Photo from a CNN article by someone who says this whole thing has “Damaged Christianity“. Amazing that what the bible, religious wars and dumb costumes couldn’t achieve over all these centuries can be achieved with a few stupid billboards.

PS. For those of you in a different time zone, I suspect this will happen in American Time, so you’ll need to calculate the time difference, like you do with Christmas, Easter, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Worker’s Day (may 1 is now mayday here but they mean “flowers” not “communists”) and Women’s day. A different month here. Jesus is so busy watching you doesn’t exactly have time to watch the clock too.



One Response to “WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE! And go to heaven. Or hell.”

  1. Boygabriel Says:

    Supposedly the rapture was supposed to start at 6pm locally in each time zone.

    Meaning we’re already about 8 hours past New Zealand’s rapture. Anyone heard anything?

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