Wandering around the Fox Lot taking photos at night…

Had another great day in LA today.

Someone's got to be passed out on a bus stop. Even in LA, the city of airbrushed glam, humanity persists.

Wound up at Fox for a panel discussion later in the day.

I can't help it. I was overcome with fanlike feelings.

And afterwards, just didn’t really leave. Wandered around the lot, taking photos of strange stuff in the dark.

I'll never forget my first episode of The Simpsons. Me, that very bad boyfriend, sitting cross-legged on Rob Amato's floor with Ben, Bianca and Carlos Amato and the very bad boyfriend, watching this NEW show.

These are real trees, but they don't look like they are.

These are not real penguins.

Someone chills in a room, reading the paper under floerescent lights...

Student crafty is better than this. It's got mountain dew in it.

This clearly isn't Philly.

I felt like a kid who’d sneaked into the school grounds with friends. Except without the vandalism, and without the gun-toting Math-teacher thing.

A mural. And a trailer with a skull and crossbones on the toilet door.

Right at the end, we found ourselves in New York. Or something. Basically we’d wandered onto the set of Bones. The editor guy I was with asked someone when they started shooting, commented that they’d be wrapping soon, allowing them to think we knew our way around or in some way belonged. Then we stood there, gaping. And after watching about 45 minutes of shooting, I can give you the scoop on Bones! In a forthcoming episode, a guy will talk to a girl in front of an old building and look really surprised.

I can’t tell you who the actors were or anything. Not cause I’m being secretive but because I almost never recognize famous people when I see them. I guess I just don’t care about fame, deep down. I want it, so I can make stuff, but I always forget how important it is to know who is already famous, so that you can get them to like you.


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