Safe my mate… a giant chicken claw waves goodbye

Nobody believes me about this chicken farm in Worcester, Cape Town, South Africa. Road safety is a huge issue in SA, so a lot of companies on dangerous routes use it in their advertising. This advert is by Rainbow Chickens, who “grow” chickens a bit more healthily than they’re farmed in the USA, but definitely mass-produce the meat.

If this makes you hungry, you're weird.

Their farms look just like prisons.

I’m alternating work on the final pages (first draft) my feature script, which involves a hippie with Aspergers and a mission to save the world from a Tyson’s-Style mega-meat-producer, with watching Food, inc.. I am once again seriously considering vegetarianism, because even free range organic chicken is slaughtered and scalded in its own shit. Unfortunately, my favorite meal in the world is roast chicken. What will win, I wonder? Brains, or the power of pure human greed?

PS: Actually the legs and head of the chicken are a delicacy in SA. The dish is known as Walkie-Talkie. How awesome is that?

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