Valuable families

This ridiculous piece of fake old fake art doesn’t belong on this building – let alone in this century.

It‘s possible for me to walk past weird things without noticing them, sometimes for weeks. In the most recent case, for six and a half months.

Look at the man, all manly and protective. See how the woman kneels before him, fawning over him. And how the older child shelters in the shadow of his massive manhood.

I know where I’ve seen crazy shit like this before – in Rome, a city so bursting with religious pornography disguised as “art” that I left Italy convinced, once and for all, that Jesus was, indeed and for sure, coming. And while I’m making fun of it, I can excuse the Italians of the time on the basis that they didn’t know it was wrong to have sex with children, and that they genuinely believed it was fine to treat women like property, and that enslaving entire populations was, well, just normal, then …Right?

Well, no, actually, I don’t really think that these things are ever normal. Some nastiness, like sexism, or homophobia, or racism, or ageism, or pedophilia are just wrong. That’s why they disappear (only to reappear among people who have forgotten how it feels to be the one under someone else’s thumb.) But I can bring myself to forgive people who’ve been dead a few centuries. Even I am not one to hold a grudge that long.

However this is 2011, and this “carving” can’t be more than 40 years old. And I find it impossible to understand why a 21st Century Bank in the U.S.A. would include a nonsense of this kind in its wall. I guess some people must buy into it, or it wouldn’t be there?

I wonder if crowds of Martians will be standing around snapping pictures of this shit (with flash) in 400 year's time? Anything is possible.

Alternatively, like me, most people just haven’t noticed yet.

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