“…CALL A CRACKHEAD”, and other policing-related bumper stickers

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? Nonsense. Bumper stickers are the lowest form of wit. And the slowest, if you’re stuck in traffic. There’s nothing more irritating than having to read the same lame joke over, and over, and over, and over…

I was researching pro-police bumper stickers and got into one of those research spirals that ended in an afternoon nap that ran slightly overtime… and a poorly written 14 pages. Still, to make the best of it, I will blog the bumper stickers I found. Thought these could be mildly amusing if they were arranged a certain way.

I wanna get one of these for my Mustang. Except I don't wanna.

And then you get the people who don’t like the police.

I can do this. I am very good at this.

See what I did there? Right. Well now I’m off to turn myself in.

I'm making a note of this one. You should too.

The bumper sticker for the off-duty policeman. A lot of people (mostly crackheads) would do exactly as suggested, although some apparently prefer cocaine, heroine, or booze, these being more socially acceptable, even upmarket, alternatives.

Moving on to something stupider…

Hey... it's that fictional cop from Crash! Who hopefully will have some sympathy for the next guy/girl...

(Via dailyshite.com) here’s another.)

This person has an excellent toilet literature collection. TOILIT? Groan. Yeah, that's what s/she said.

Right, that’s enough crass stupidity for tonight. Let’s all stop screwing around and get back to work.

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