Declare your Zoll at the SA Revenue Services

A random photo taken at the SARS – South African Tax office for Americans who may be lurking on this page.

Photo by Selene Brophy.

Okay, so Zol, as in Dagga, as in Cannabis, as in Marijuana, is with one “L”. But it’s still funny. As a friend Simon Williamson (you have to read his blog – it’s amazing) commented on Selene’s facebook page: “Is that where you have to declare it?”


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5 Responses to “Declare your Zoll at the SA Revenue Services”

  1. Simon Says:

    Shot for the punt man Jean 🙂 I did indeed giggle at Selene’s pic. Bloody funny.

  2. Dreas Says:

    It’s German you ignoramuses

  3. Jean Says:

    What’s german? What’s ignorami in german? Oh, and fuck you Andreas. xoxo.

  4. Simon Says:

    German for marajuana? Does Merkel make you declare it too?

  5. Jean Says:

    Dreas? How can you go away when there are two people insulting and baiting you. That’s just rude. Dude.

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