There’s only one thing worse than a used car dealer…

… and that’s an amateur used car dealer. I know, cause I amateur one. Not really. I’m just trying to offload a pretty decent Hyundai Elantra, and so far the process has cost me $400 in repairs and licensing. They can’t really sell a car here unless it is running smoothly. Which is great when you’re buying (specially because used cars here cost half what they do in SA) but it’s a bitch when you’re selling.

And then of course, by advertising on you wind up with opportunists popping out of the woodwork. And they get really angry if you don’t fall for their tricks. Web rage is like road rage, and just as self-righteous, and just as unlikely to have nothing at all to do with right or wrong.

Cars and guns seem to bring out the asshole in everybody. (Photo of a shop window in San Francisco. Look out, hippies.)

There are the usual scammers, claiming that they’re selling a car that used to belong to their husband who died in Afganistan, and that they can’t bear to look at the car – relying on your greed and your opportunism to score some cash.

Then there are the people who email you and offer you ridiculously low price on your used car, relying on your desperation to get a good deal. I replied to one woman called Deniz Michael who offered me $1500 less than my asking price to say: Did you not read the part where I said “No lowballers or dealerships”? Please don’t email me again.

I received the following hilarious reply from Deniz at, and I’m seriously considering telling her to meet me somewhere awful and just not showing up. The only thing stopping me is the fear that she’ll kill someone in her state of rage on the way home. Or accost a stranger she imagines is me and force them to sell them their car for half price.

Look your ad was overpriced. i was trying to help you.  if you haven’t noticed we are in a god damn depression with people losing jobs and housing being put on the street.  Cars aren’t selling on CL.  Your car is still there right.  Has not sold right.
Look I don’t want your fucking car.  There are thousands that posts everyday.
I have a budget of 3000 grand and I sure as hell am not going to pay for a car with over 100grand miles.
Look a little bit of good attitude goes a long way.  Craigslist is for deals not for Market deal priced shit priced at Kelly blue book
In closing I sent you this because I don’t think you understand what it is to price something TO SELLLLLLL
Good day and good luck.  You will need it overpricing on the internet with thousands upon thousands competing with you.
This email was free of charge.  And if you want more advise about the economy go to my youtube channel
and get more advice free of charge.

Thanks, Deniz! I think that “solitary fracture” you refer to in your email address and youtube link must be a rather large one in your head bone. Maybe you should get it looked at before you try communicating with other humanoids in the near future.


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4 Responses to “There’s only one thing worse than a used car dealer…”

  1. Jannie Says:

    By the way Jean, Deniz is a man ( I checked his YouTube site). But, there is actually a bit of irony here, ’cause you and this “frugal” gentleman share common ground – he made a movie..:)

    I don’t know anything about it and the title is “Solitary Fracture”. Does that ring a bell?

  2. jeanbarker Says:

    That’s hilarious. And strange. Sounds like he’s an art movie type. I thought Deniz was a girl’s name! Ah well.

  3. Scott Says:

    This guy is a nut job. Trust me. He’s a self serving, useless piece of ****.

  4. Deniz Says:

    Funny it is 2016 now.. Wonder if I was right and she dropped that price of that car to sell it..

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